Not each and every dance student’s image finds itself in this video.  But each and every student of World of Dance, Artistic Expression, Dance in the Afternoon & Honors Dance contributed meaningfully to the overall body of work that was LA Dance Winter ’21, or as I call it, "LA Dance Covid Term 3”.  This video is the result of our collective and individual work.  I am consistently amazed at the power, beauty and surprisingly sophisticated artistry of the dance students of Lawrence Academy. 



Please take a few moments to look at the prior dance videos of the Covid era: LA Dance Fall '20 (see below).  Amazing video and film artists have assisted me in their production; Kes Maro Fall '20, and Dina Mordeno Winter '21.  I will quite honestly be forever grateful to each of them for their generosity and talents.   


Brian Feigenbaum, Director of Dance