FALL 2020

Brooke Ahern
Jake Bilsbury
Gianna Castagliuolo
Coleman Donelle
Faith Gargano
Lily Liu
Gillian Maynard
Sophia Ronchetti
Meyer Rosen
Kyle Soule
Yuki Sun
Dan Veller
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Honors students explored many themes in their photography this term.  They were presented as essential questions.  A sampling include: 

Our Kind of People, Presidential Scholar and Ted Talk artist Bayete Ross Smith spent a class with us discussing his project and our class’s participation in Our Kind of People.  The students work will be posted on Instagram. 

EQ. What is an assumption people make about you based on your clothing?

Choose 3 outfits that best represent who you are in different areas of your life. Photograph yourself in each outfit. We will be participating in this experiment by sharing our photos with each other and following the movement online. 



Man in Nature, EQ. How can a photograph describe our relationship with the natural world?
Use your shadow to show your connection with nature or man's interference in nature.

Photo in a Photo: EQ.  How can an old photo be used to evoke a sense of place?  

Use an old photo to create a new image.  Put the photo containing a person, place or thing, in the same setting as the old photo, or a completely new setting.  What happens when the setting is different?  Has your family moved since this family photo was taken?  

Finding Your Voice: EQ. How does an artist find their voice?  We have explored the work of a few artists and built projects inspired by their work. Find a photographer whose work speaks to you.  Examine their work and finding inspiration from their style, create your own series of photos. 


When an Object Reaches out for Your Hand EQ.  How can an object be used to evoke an emotion or longing?

Photograph objects around your house with the above theme.  Use shallow depth of field to narrow your focus of the object.  Be aware of lighting and perspective.  Artist, Ann Hamilton took on this project for an extensive exhibit in Chicago.