Here you will find process, progress, and product - What we have made, how we have grown, and what we are still making.

music 2: Songwriting

jacey marsh

The songs I have written in this class are extensions of my emotions in the past or story from my imagination.  I have worked hard to find the right sound for me, I have played around with genres as well as instruments. I learned that sometimes you can’t do everything on your own and most times you will hate the music that you produce. The best feeling is when you hear the perfect melody and sounds come together to make beautiful song. My goal was to take myself on a journey with my music and expand my thinking and seek help from those around me. The three songs presented today are rough and raw but express what my process was like building up my confidence with song writing.  

Stop Sign by Jacey Marsh
90's Hip Hop Tune by Jacey Marsh
Let Me Free by Jacey Marsh

This song is a ballad about a stop sign watching a car crash, I made the song in the stop signs prospective because I thought it would be more impactful. Though a stop sign is an anatomical object I felt as though giving it feelings and having it being able to express those was different.  

I really liked how this song came out I chose to stick to the genre and vibe out with it. I love 90’s hip hop and I loved making this song. 

This is song was about someone needing to let go of their past mistakes and learn how to find themselves again. In this world we are often caught up in our own heads fearing everything we did wrong in one day. This was my way to set those worries free, it's quite rough and there is not a lot of additives but that is because I was just learning how to use the software. 

sophia lando

Songwriting is a great form of expression. I have enjoyed taking time out of my day to be creative and experiment with new instruments. I have played Flute for many years but writing songs has challenged me in a different way to think about all aspects of the music I am hearing and how they fit together. I have tried a variety of new instruments and rhythms to express the feelings I am trying to convey through music. Overall, songwriting has taught me to be patient with myself in the process of writing music and to not be afraid to try new things that may be outside my comfort zone.  

Whirl by Sophia Lando
Songwriting Blues by Sophia Lando

I wrote this song to have an upbeat energy. I found that in still attaching a melody but without lyrics, the meaning of the song can change from person to person. For me, this song represents a feeling of unexplained happiness. 

I wanted to share this song to show that songwriting is a process that does not always come quickly or naturally. During this in-class exercise, I had created a melody but was struggling writing lyrics. I decided to turn my writer’s block into the theme of the song.   

steve yan

Original by Steve Yan (Feat. Lily Liu)
Cuba by Steve Yan

music 2: Musicianship

ravi nguyen

music 1: Intro to music

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